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Today, people are opening their eyes and realising that it is crucial to take good care of yourself… Why not offer your customers the chance to get to know the amazing TAO family? Drinks with natural ingredients, and it goes without saying, without any colourings or preservatives. And what is more, they all taste absolutely divine.

TAO has taken its inspiration from the past and the philosophy of Lao Tseu (600 BC) to offer a wide range firmly anchored in the present.

TAO Fruity Botanic Drinks with Vitamins
4 original drinks combining the tradition of plants and the generosity of fruit.

TAO Pure Infusion
4 delightful tea based infusions, with the flavours of fruits and flowers.

TAO Fruity Natural Energizer
1 energising drink (guarana, acai, cranberries and green coffee beans), fruity and full of vitamins.

BIONINA Sparking Juices
4 organic lemonades with a tasty fruit base and natural sparkling mineral water.

1 very refreshing drink, rich in minerals and low in calories, ideal for sports people.

Three healthy range based on fresh Aloe vera pulp.

Our products.


Indulge yourself with the combination of traditional plants and the generosity of fruit.

The TAO range offers you four surprisingly original drinks, all ready to stimulate your taste buds now! No preservatives nor colourings, the TAO drinks owe their wonderful unique taste to the natural power of the fruit and plant extracts. They are low in calories and enriched with vitamins to see you through your day.

Natural Ingredients

No Preservatives

Low Calorie

No artificial Colorants



TAO Pure Infusion takes you on a journey through a world of singular sensations. These four drinks are a source of pleasure and well-being, low in calories and bursting with natural ingredients: White Tea with pomegranate, Passion flower and white tea. Green Tea with lime, jasmine and green tea. Black Tea with orange blossom, lemon and black tea. Rooibos with plum, elderflower and Rooibos tea. These are genuine infusions, contemporary versions of age-old Chinese traditional drinks. Journey through the pleasure of pure tea!

Natural Ingredients

No Preservatives

Low Calorie

No artificial Colorants


TAO Fruity Natural Energizer is an energising drink based on juice and natural extracts of fruit. Its harmonious taste combining traditional plants and the power of fruit with the vitamins provides both a tonic and protective effect, underpinned by the natural caffeine from the guarana and the green coffee grains.

High caffeine content (32 mg/100 ml).
Not recommended for children, pregnant women and people sensitive to caffeine.

Low Calorie

Caffeine from Green Coffee Beans

No Preservatives

No artificial Colorants


Meet the Fruit Farm Family

On the BIONINA farm, we practice sustainable farming and respect the environment. The fruit grows completely naturally in our orchard, right up to harvesting. We do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The ground here is extremely fertile and the water and air are pure. Our fruit grows in the best conditions and as a result are the best they can be.

Bio Ingredients

No Preservatives

Pure Mineral Water

No artificial Colorants



On the tropical island BIONINA, the sun generously shines down blessings on nature’s bounty. So the coconut grows in the most natural way, without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. When they are just six months old, they contain their highest level of coconut water, and the young green coconuts are used to make the delicious BIONINA Mama Coco juice, all produced by organic farming. This light, refreshing soft drink is naturally slightly-sweetened. Low in calories, it replenishes mineral salts (potassium and magnesium) which are essential for the body. This is why BIONINA Mama Coco was voted drink of the 21st century by BIONINA.

All Natural

More Potassium than a banana


Our History :
“Aloe Drink for Life” brand and concept were created in 2011. Within a few years only, it has become one of the leading brands of Aloe vera drinks in Europe.
Our company can be characterized by the "Friends & Family" spirit which is the key of our relationships with our partners. Factory and business development offices to definitely be unique.
In the first 3 years we established our brand on most French speaking territories before expanding to most European markets. We move to a new facility of production in 2017 to cope with our development as we now sale our drink in over 30 countries.

Our USP :
Key factors of success for “Aloe Drink for Life” are the fact that we fully control our production of Aloe vera in Thailand, we own our manufacturing and bottling center in Bangkok and we run our own sales and marketing in France guarantying full traceability from the fields in Thailand to end consumers, wherever they are in the World.
We produce directly from fresh Aloe Vera leaves that are delivered every morning (processed within 48hr) to our production center by farmers with whom we work hand in hand in order to run the farms organically.
This vertical integration enables us to keep developing unique recipes which contributes to make “Aloe Drink for Life” a honest and non-contradictory drink.

Our Range :
We currently carry two ranges of products: “Regular” and “Organic” - 100% real and certified organic by Ecocert / International recognition.

Gluten Free

No Preservatives


No artificial Colorants


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